City of Berlin - resurrecting metropolis in central Europe
The heart of the metropolis of Berlin  Berlin City real estate - focused by international investors   Domestic investors, as well as investors from the Scandinavian countries, the United States or the  Middle East - all now have one common goal: to invest in Berlin real estate.   Berlin - moving capital    After the Berlin Wall in 1989, offered a sobering picture. The division of the city, coupled with the  social housing policy in the western part and the non-renovated quarters in the eastern part, have  left traces. The price level of housing was - both in terms of the lease, as well as the purchase price  - the lowest level, the decades-long island status of the west and the political system of the former  eastern part of lack of investor desire and thus considered an artificially inhibited urban  development by itself.   Berlin - looking for a new identity    Since reunification, Berlin has been invested in more than in any other German city. More and more  people from Germany and around the world moved into the capital. Today, 22 years after the Wall  came down, the city is of an entirely new page. The Wealth Report 2010, Berlin is next to Paris, New York, London and Tokyo, already among the  top ten of the most attractive cities in the world. The reasons are manifold. Apart from a seemingly  inexhaustible supply of cultural and recreational activities, were established in the meantime  numerous sizes of the international economy with new jobs in Berlin. In 2010 alone, have inter alia  SuhrkampVerlag, the metro group and dpasettled in the capital. Almost every week starting new  construction projects.Whether the construction of major airport BBI or the advancement of the  technology park Adlershof - Major investors from around the world are on Berlin. The media  industry, innovative industries, the pharmaceutical industry and in tourism in particular have  developed significantly positive.   Berlin - Development of a new metropolis   Take advantage of this historic opportunity and sign it with a piece of history. Profitate on the fast but  sustainable growing metropolis in the heart of Europe. 
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